On the forefront of Global Biological Response Forecasting.


New Article June 4, 2005: Kingdom of Jordan takes lead in Advanced Digital Camouflage with KA2 pattern

October 8, 2004: National Counter-Terrorism Center selects TACAM Camouflage as their Exclusive Official Pattern

October 5, 2004 "MilTex" Millennium Texture Series Camouflage

July 13, 2004 Dual Texture - U.S. Army digital camouflage

June 23, 2004 Tiger Stripe Camouflage goes Digital

United Dynamics Corp. C2G Digital Military Camouflage 102 patterns Public access

Feb 20, 2004: Breaking News: President of United Dynamics Corp. (Developer of SuperForce.com Algorithm) is issued Patent for HyperStealth "Passive Negative Ion Generator"

Using a licensed algorithm, United Dynamics Corp., with their web site www.superforce.com, has shown applications for predicting with some accuracy; 

Individual performance with professional athletes including Hockey, Baseball, Football and Pro Golfers, and also Triple Crown Race Horses.

Success in forecasting the correct direction with the world Stock Markets approximately 2/3rds of the time based on Year 2000 forecasts to actual data.

When applied to the 2000 U.S. Presidential election polling data (tracking polls), the algorithm showed that 24% of the presidential vote shifted corresponding to the varying predictive algorithm given in advance.  

Law Enforcement and Emergency Response: Days to increase personnel for expected increased problems.


Applications available under monthly retainer costs include: 

Forecasting for: 

Professional Sports Teams- Which players would be favorable to play on a given day. Additional services at increased cost will track competing teams to better utilize coaching strategy based on expected play of opposition players.

Retail Stores: What are the best days to have sales and promotions. *

Movie Studios: What is the best day to release or preview a movie so it is viewed under favorable conditions by the critics and premier audiences. *

T.V. Networks: What is the best day to release a pilot, season premier, season finale, Miniseries, or Movie so the audience mood is favorable to the style of show or program. *

Government and Politicians: Best days for fund raisers, government decision votes, speeches, election days (depending on country and type of government), press conferences...*

Corporate: Best days for meetings, Press Releases, Mergers, Earnings Warnings, Earnings Reports. *

Education: Best days for giving tests.

These ongoing retainer applications are only available to authorized groups and are not for individual public dissemination.

* United Dynamics Corp. provides only three separate days to be forecast per month for specific retainer applications and/or that require prior notice of specific days that are weeks, or months in advance.  

Contact us for quotes please send any information that will allow us to confirm your official position within an authorized group. Email: info@superforce.com Phone: 604-961-7046

Jan. 2000: United Dynamics Corp. Launches www.SuperForce.com

July 2001: United Dynamics Corp. Launches www.PoliceOps.com


November 2001: United Dynamics Launches SuperForce P4I: Physical, Physiological and Psychological Prediction Intelligence. The detailed forecasted daily data is now only available to approved U.S. Federal Government and Department Of Defense C4I sources: Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.

December 2003: United Dynamics Corp. begins to offer Proprietary C2G-Camouflage designs to United States Government. (C2G=Camouflage Designated Enhanced Fractal Geometry)

Feb 20, 2004: Breaking News: President of United Dynamics Corp. (Developer of SuperForce.com Algorithm) is issued Patent for HyperStealth "Passive Negative Ion Generator"

April 1, 2004 United Dynamics Corp. TerraFlage Recreational Digital Camouflage Public access

May 3, 2004 United Dynamics Corp. C2G Digital Military Camouflage 94 patterns Public access



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